PNC Bank
PNC BankThe Devil is in the Details

Complicated is an understatement when describing this project. The piece was comprised of two six-panel die cut pieces, which required extremely precise spot glue. Each piece contained two business cards personalized for hundreds of relationship managers and to thousands of their specific clients.

Once each folder contained the personalized data specific to each relationship manager and their specified customers, each piece was then hand matched to the appropriate personalized envelope.

A tight turn time added another layer to the already complicated project. Pressworks expertise in direct mail allowed us to get PNC Bank the best possible postal rates and assure the piece hit their clients mail boxes right on schedule.

All 6400+ direct mailers, with multiple layers of personalized variable data, hit customer’s mail boxes on-time, on-brand, and on-budget and without a single error.

Services Used
  • Pressworks | Offset & Digital Printing
  • Pressworks | Fulfillment & Distribution
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