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Did you ever have a printed piece that just fell apart when it was handled? How about a cookbook that you needed to lie flat but wasn’t bound that way? That’s when binding and finishing services become crucial to not only create a polished final piece but one that remains durable and meets the user’s needs.

Benefits of bindery and finishing services with Pressworks

Bindery or binding means gathering and fastening printed pages or signatures together. Your vision deserves a strong finish, and bindery and finishing work are in our roots. In fact, this is actually how Pressworks began back in 1980 when Betty Izzard started a small home-based bindery and mailing business in Columbus, Ohio.

Technical expertise and value in every job from start to finish

Even though finishing is the end stage of production, these details are taken into careful consideration from product conception. The most beautifully printed book would not matter if the wrong binding choice couldn’t hold the pages together. That’s when the Pressworks team will recommend the best choices to create the look you wish to achieve. Finishing services involve all of those special details — from varnishes or stamps to embossing and page coatings — to create that truly one-of-a-kind document. We maintain our own in-house, expert team to handle all of these services for our clients.

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The Pressworks production team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in central Ohio to deliver every project on time and on budget. Bindery and finishing require a skilled team and our team is the best in Columbus. Most basic bindery and finishing jobs can be turned around within three to five business days, but more complicated jobs will need to be quoted upon request. It all comes down to exceptional value, exceptional quality, and exceptional turn times. We call this combination Pressworks Plus. Your bound and finished piece, plus so much more.

Give your piece the perfect effect with Pressworks Plus bindery and finishing services including:

Binding: Gathering and fastening printed pages or signatures. Common binding types include (See the PDF below for examples):

  • Saddle stitch
  • Loop stitch
  • Side stitch
  • Sewn bound
  • Perfect bound
  • Screw bound
  • Spiral-bound
  • Wire-o bound

Print Demystified

Learn common print terms, fold types, finishes, and binding types. 

Access the PDF

Coating: For emphasis or a dynamic visual effect, Pressworks can add spot coatings to just about any project. A spot coating is added to a specific area instead of flooding the entire page. From spot varnish to spot aqueous or even a raised UV, these specialty applications will take your project to the next level. Add a soft touch coating to enhance retention by increasing the tactile experience of your piece.

Collating: Arranging pages in the correct order or sequence

Cutting and trimming: Using a sharp blade to reduce a page or piece down to a smaller size or removing excess paper or material.

Debossing: Depressing or indenting certain portions of a page.

Die-cutting: Cutting a piece into a specific shape, pattern, or outline.

Drilling: Creating holes in paper to fasten pages together.

Embossing: Raising parts of a page for emphasis and texture.

Foil stamping: Applying a malleable metallic material to the print surface by using heat and pressure to create a reflective property to the finished piece.

Folding: Bending a printed piece to reduce the final size for ease of handling or to fit into an envelope, package, or display. (See the PDF below for examples)

  • Bi-fold (4 pgs)
  • Roll fold (6 pgs)
  • 4-panel roll fold (8 pgs)
  • Gatefold (6 pgs)
  • Accordion fold (6 pgs)
  • Double gatefold (8 pgs)
  • 4-panel accordion fold (8 pgs)
  • French fold (8 pgs)
  • Parallel with roll (12 pgs)

Print Demystified

Learn common print terms, fold types, finishes, and binding types. 

Access the PDF

Laminating: Bonding clear plastic film over a printed piece to protect from tearing, wrinkling, or staining.

Letterpress: Utilizing a custom die to add special effects including embossing, debossing, textures, die-cuts, type, and other specialty impressions.

Padding: Adding a flexible adhesive along a stack of same-sized sheets to create a notepad

Perforating: Creating tiny holes along a line or pattern to make detachment easier.

Scoring: Creasing paper to make folding easier.

Shrinkwrapping: Packaging bundles of printed materials into a plastic film using heat to shrink the film and secure it around the stack.

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