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From inception to delivery, printing is just the beginning. Whatever your project needs, we can do it all in-house.

Benefits of print and product fulfillment services with Pressworks

From print on demand, static print collateral, kitting, products, promotional products, B2B and B2C Pressworks offers a broad range of fulfillment solutions. We understand that each project and each client’s needs are different therefore we offer various tools and custom pricing to fit the unique requirements each job demands.

Fulfillment includes many tasks, such as assembling, collating, kitting, packaging, shrinkwrapping, storing, and shipping printed pieces, promotional items, or other products. This all falls under print and product fulfillment services.

Print fulfillment and a whole lot more

Types of fulfillment services can include:

Assembly, where the Pressworks team can put all of your printed materials into a finished packet or create a package of specific items for your customers.

Case picking, where our team prepares cartons for shipping.

Kitting, where the Pressworks team packs and wraps specific items per client requirements.

Pick and pack, where our team will select items from various cartons and combine them per client specifications.

Our open sources fulfillment software is a great option for on-going projects such as corporate collateral, retail signage and collateral, employee appreciation kits, promotional kits, personalized and static distributor collateral and sample kits. User friendly online ordering and convenient on-demand inventory access saves you time. Have a one-off project? We do that too!

Do you need storage space or inventory management assistance? Pressworks can help.

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It’s all in the details and the deadlines

With a sharp focus on detail, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the hands of professionals who pride themselves on getting every detail right. Whether its your instore signage and collateral or a brand boosting promotional kit we make sure every piece of each order is accurate and the presentation is perfect.

Deadlines matter. We know the importance of your drop date and we will move mountains to hit that date because nothing ruins the perfect kit like a missed delivery date.

Let Pressworks manage your storage and inventory

The Pressworks production team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in our central Ohio facility to deliver every project on time and on budget. Most fulfillment jobs can be turned around within three to five business days to customers in and around Columbus, Ohio. More complicated projects may require more time to complete. A Pressworks representative can help with your specific needs. When you factor in our unmatched fulfillment process, as well as the skill and longevity of our team, you can expect a polished final product that showcases you, and your brand, in the best light. It all comes down to exceptional value, exceptional quality, and exceptional turn times. We call this combination Pressworks Plus. Your fulfillment project expertly executed, plus so much more.

Print and product fulfillment service features through Pressworks include:

  • Partner with an experienced vendor with an established process
  • Free up your team’s valuable time and resources
  • Improve inventory management
  • Gain access to the fulfillment center’s high volume shipping discounts
  • Save money on equipment and storage purchases or leases
  • Keep your space free and clear of materials

Print fulfillment fundamentals

We are frequently asked:

  • Do you do more than print fulfillment? Absolutely!
  • How do you price a job? Our custom pricing is designed to give our customers the best outcome and best value for the unique specifications of your project. Although we will accept printed material from another vendor one way to get the most value is to have Pressworks handle the printed portion of your project.
  • Will Pressworks accept third party shipping? We offer a variety of shipping options: FedEx, UPS, USPS, and freight. However, we also accept third party shipping.
  • What is your typical turn time for a project? We turn every project as quickly as possible, however, the turn time is dependent upon each project’s specifications. We will work with you to determine the most accurate timeline possible.

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