Offset printing

The right choice for consistently high quality on large quantity runs

Whether you are a seasoned marketing professional or new to the printing game, knowing which type of printing your job needs is an important first step. In its simplest terms, offset printing involves the transferral of an image from a metal plate to a rubber blanket (or rollers) then onto the printing surface.

Benefits of offset printing with Pressworks

Consistently high print quality and economy of scale are two major benefits of offset printing. When you have a project that requires a large run, offset printing provides consistent color matching, crisp images and type edges, and the best value per piece from the first item off of the press to the last.

Offset printing offers more flexibility for larger print runs, from media size to paper stock, and inks to varnishes. The Pressworks team values collaboration with clients, which means you can be certain our team will help you achieve the exact result you want … with timely turnarounds and exceptional craftsmanship every time.

A history of printing and design innovation

Since 1985, Pressworks has remained dedicated to offering the best customer service to our clients throughout Columbus and central Ohio. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Pressworks maintains a solid reputation as a first-class printing partner.

Customers appreciate our team’s attention to the tiniest details. The Pressworks prepress team reviews (we call it preflight) all incoming files to ensure they meet production requirements. Once the files are validated, the prepress team creates customer proofs for approval. This crucial step saves time and money by addressing any issues prior to hitting the press, such as transparency flattening, screening, color separation, trapping, or color management.

Do you have questions about file formatting? Download Printing 101: Preparing your art files for print.

Create the perfect PDF!

The Pressworks production team operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in central Ohio to deliver every project on time and on budget. Most offset printing jobs can be turned around within five business days to customers in and around Columbus, Ohio. If you have a large run and need storage space, we can do that, too. When you factor in our unmatched preflight process, as well as the skill and longevity of our offset press operators, you can expect a polished final product that showcases you, and your brand, in the best light. It all comes down to exceptional value, exceptional quality, and exceptional turn times. We call this combination Pressworks Plus. Your offset print piece, plus so much more.

Offset printing features through Pressworks include:

  • LED UV inks (CMYK, spot, and metallics)
  • Conventional inks plus overall and spot aqueous/varnish/UV
  • UV dryer allows for complete solids on uncoated stocks or styrene up to 24 pts. thick
  • In-line die-cut capabilities on long runs
  • Sheet-fed and roll to sheet capabilities
  • Perfecting
  • 6-color heat set half-size web press

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Pressworks offers distribution and warehousing for large print jobs. It's Pressworks plus so much more!

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