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Print is Good for Your Brain, Your Brand, & Your Bottom Line

August 30, 2016 by

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We’ve all heard it “print is dead’, nobody reads anymore, and digital marketing and social media are the most effective forms of marketing and building brand awareness.

Not so fast! The power of print is very much alive and thriving.

For over 500 years print has played an intricate role in just about everything. The invention of the press brought education, news, literature and art to the masses and it’s not throwing in the towel anytime soon.

Think print has no place in the mix for promoting your ecommerce business? Think again.

No longer is print a standalone competing only with traditional media such as television and radio. Print is not only thriving alongside social media, digital marketing and video but enhancing its newer companions. Once the largest piece in the puzzle print now shares that space with new and traditional media.

Many Internet-based companies are discovering the power of print to drive impressive online profits. An appealing direct mail piece or a small handsomely crafted catalog engages more of the senses then digital media. Print is tactual, your customer can feel and smell the paper while experiencing the relaxing and convenient browsing experience a catalog provides.

Print engages the brain in an entirely different way than digital and creates a more memorable experience for your customer.

Combine traditional print marketing methods with image recognition based shopping apps like Pounce and your customer can experience the convenience of online ordering along with the more pleasant shopping experience that print provides.   The combination of the two drives traffic to your ecommerce site while also providing the ideal opportunity for smart up-selling based on the products they have selected from your print catalog.

It’s a fact- 56% of people trust print over digital marketing. While so many businesses focus the majority of their branding and marketing efforts on digital platforms print is the perfect opportunity to stand out in a cluttered space.

Your print material also provides a great opportunity to drive customers to your social media pages, so be sure to include them in your print pieces.  In addition, remember the importance of promoting your brand consistently across channels ensuring that your efforts effectively yield brand awareness and drive sales.

Including well-designed strategic print pieces in your marketing initiatives not only drives sales but also allows customers to experience your brand in more multidimensional and memorable fashion. Contrary to popular assumptions print is not dead and is actually good for your brain, your brand and your bottom line.