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How Print Can Turn Your Cross Channel Marketing Campaign Into a Huge Success and the Science Behind it.

September 23, 2016 by
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No longer viewed as a dinosaur headed for extinction print has found its place alongside digital in new marketing cross channel strategies. In some areas print and digital test very much the same with consumers. However it’s their differences that bring enormous value to marketing, advertising, and branding initiatives. When well executed the print/digital team yields much higher response rates, higher sales, stronger brand recognition and a significantly stronger ROI.

Thanks to recent neuroscience marketing research, performed by Temple University and released by United States Postal Service, we are now beginning to understand the science behind the behavior. Using advanced scientific tools to measure physical responses, the study shows significant differences in the way our brain processes information garnered from different advertising platforms-physical (print) and digital. USPSNeuroscienceresearch


  • Physical (print) ads engage viewers for more time.
  • Digital ads are processed more quickly.
  • Consumers experience greater recall for print ads.
  • Consumers have no preference for either medium.
  • Consumers absorb about the same amount of information from both physical (print) and digital media.
  • Consumers have a greater emotional response to physical ads
  • Print ads cause more activity in brain areas associated with value and desire.

Case Study

Staples Canada’s recent multi-channel marketing test appears to validate the USPS research.

Staples tested a multi-channel advertising campaign designed to measure the results of marketing materials distributed by email only, direct mail and email, direct mail only, and no contact.

“The response rate from customers who received direct mail and an email was more than six times higher than that from customers who received an email only.” Dwayne McMulkin, Marketing Manager


  • Combination of email and direct mail generated over 5 times more sales
  • Combination of email and direct mail increase ROI by 425% compared to email alone.
  • Response rates for customers who received both email and direct mail was 605% higher than those who received the email only.

We know 90% of the purchase making decision is emotionally driven. We now know that consumers have a greater emotional response to print or physical ads than they do to digital ads.  We also know that although consumers process digital ads faster, they retain the information from print ads significantly longer. We also know that most people spend a large portion of their day interacting with digital media.

Bottom Line

Print plays an equally important role in your initiative as digital and although one or the other may yield some results positioning both as equal components in your marketing strategy will greatly increase response rates, sales and ROI.

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