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Do You Still Attend Press Checks?

September 26, 2016 by


Do You Still Attend Press Checks?

As the internal point person for print projects I have always attended press checks with the creative director I am working with. I have found this gives us an opportunity to fine-tune the images, troubleshoot anything that may come up, and work closely with the pressmen, which often adds that special touch that allows the print piece to really shine.  Typically by the time a project goes to print I am deeply vested in the piece(s) and want to assure our vision is fully realized.

Now that I am working for a printer, I am amazed at how few people actually come in for press checks anymore! I understand that online approvals are popular and often a press proof (hardcopy) is delivered to the client. However, online approvals risk color variation for several reasons including CMYK / RGB conversion and monitor calibration. Additionally, there is nothing quite like seeing and feeling the piece on paper coupled with the ability to immediately communicate with the pressmen to resolve issues or enhance an already fantastic piece.

As inconvenient as a press check can be, I believe it is often the element that takes a project from good to great and speeds up the process as issues can be accurately communicated directly to the artisans that are running the presses. Often when you take the middlemen out of a process the end result is better and the process more streamlined and less frustrating.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding press checks?